• Gottesdienst

    Sonntags 10:30 Uhr

Children's Ministry

„Let the children come to me“ - we want to give children aged between 3 and 13 the opportunity to meet and get to know Jesus.

We see children as a gift from God. That’s why we want to embrace and serve them with a dedicated heart. It’s our vision to see children getting to know Jesus and experiencing His love that draws their hearts to Him.

During ou…


Sunday Service Schedule

What is a service at our church like?

Please feel free to come earlier or take time after the service to enjoy fellowship and get to know others with coffee and tea. (currently not permitted due to COVID-19 restrictions)

After a short introduction, we begin with a time of worship. This is an important part of our service and includes a mix of modern …



Our service is translated into English via headsets. They can be picked up from the sound team before the service starts.



We want to focus on Jesus and make room for people to meet with God and be touched by Him during our time of worship. It is our desire that people with diverse gifts have the freedom to make music together and become more like Jesus.