1 Timotheus

What is truth? Is there truth? If so, how should our lives be shaped by the truth? These aren’t new questions. In fact, nearly two thousand years ago the Apostle Paul wrote a letter to his close friend and associate, Timothy, to address these very same issues. Today we refer to that letter as First Timothy. In this letter, Paul’s overriding concern is with the truth of Jesus Christ – that it be faithfully protected, lived out and handed on.

Though written in the first century, the content of this letter could hardly be more relevant in our day of pluralism, subjectivism and postmodern allergy to truth. Paul calls Timothy, and every follower of Christ today, to be unambiguously committed to truth because the church, global and local, is intended by God to be a “pillar and buttress of the truth”. (1 Tim 3:13)

Therefore, First Timothy is a clear call for the church to tangibly live out the implications of this truth. Throughout our study we’ll look at a number of topics, including: false teaching, worldwide evangelism, prayer, corporate worship, selection and qualification of church leaders, confronting sin in the church, honoring women, care of widows, how to handle money and more. First Timothy not only offers us truth, but truth to thrive by.

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